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tv   Journal  PBS  January 25, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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>> welcome to." our headlines at this hour -- remembering the revolution. each of marks the first anniversary of the toppling of hosni mubarak. >> angela merkel kicks off a meeting of the world's most powerful business leaders in switzerland. then the german police arrest supporters of a radical neo-nazi group.
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have been celebrating the first anniversary of the toppling of the mubarak regime. the center of events marking the day was tahrir square where political parties like the powerful muslim brotherhood stood alongside secular activists. many shared one conviction above all else, in spite of all their differences -- that their revolution is far from over. >> tahrir square in cairo, the spot that came to symbolize the egyptian revolution, crowded with people again. for some, it was a day to celebrate new-found freedoms while others are calling for reforms, but all are united in the same spirit that drove last year's uprising. >> we let all egyptians become one and forget their differences. today is a happy day for our country.
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>> we should not forget that there was bloodshed here. this is not a celebration. it is an event to express our condolences for our brothers killed in the uprising. >> the revolution still has not deliver all the benefits we hope for. the benefits are still not clear for women and even for men. we are continuing our march. and military rulers took control of egypt when hosni mubarak was forced out. they plan to curb use of the country's hated emergency laws. that may not be enough to pacify those who are unhappy with the heavy-handed police tactics of the military-led government. >> for the latest, let's go live to cairo and bring in our correspondent there. you have been down at tahrir square today. what can you tell us about what
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has been going on down there today. >> i do not know if you hear the background. demonstrations gathered, and one of the interesting things is that several groups have announced that they are going to stay in tahrir square. many people decided to stay until their demands are met, and it is for the military to withdraw from politics. one of the more interesting questions is if people are going to say in tahrir square, it will be a theme of several days or several weeks and the question of how the military will direct them. >> the protesters staying on, what about the partial lifting of the emergency laws? does that go, for them, some way to meeting their demands? >> i asked a lot of people what they think about this partial
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lifting of the emergency law. they say it is a joke because the military announces the limitations of flattery. people know very well and remember very well that whenever there was trouble with the military, they decided in front of the television building. they say it is going to be very soon. and they say the lifting of the emergency laws means really nothing. >> thanks so much for that update from tahrir square. in germany, federal prosecutors had searched the homes and officers of four supporters of a radical neo-nazi group. several suspects face charges of providing it with weapons and explosives. strain known members ought to have carried out a series of racially motivated murders. >> police conducted early morning raids confiscating computers and papers.
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investigators are looking for evidence to prove who supplied the neo-nazis with weapons and explosives. the german federal prosecutor is turning up pressure on supporters of the gang. many questions remain about the backing and structure of the group. >> the aim of the operation was to secure evidence to prove that from 2002 on, the suspects either supplied the group with weapons or supported the logistically. >> investigators said they could also have received explosives from the suspects. the neo-nazi group is alleged to have carried out 10 murders between 2000 and 2007. four people suspected of aiding the group are now in custody. it remains unclear how much support the gang really had.
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the only surviving member of the group has so far refused to give any evidence. >> let's go right over to sarah now. angela merkel has opened proceedings at dobbins this year. >> the world economic forum there, and she had strong words for those present, rejecting growing calls for berlin to boost the eurozone bailout fund. she said germany will not promise what it cannot deliver. thousands of the world's top business and economic leaders are gathering in the swiss town of davos for what promises to be an interesting few days of meetings with the future of the eurozone on top of the agenda. >> germany is currently the strong man of europe, the hancellor in a strong position, but she did not come to provide a new formula to solve the eurozone crisis. instead, she delivered more of her familiar restraint. for merkel, it is critical germany does not overstretched itself. >> we do not want a situation
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where we promise something that we ultimately cannot deliver. if germany promises something on behalf of all member states that is not doable in the event of a heavy assault from the markets, then europe is making itself vulnerable on one flank. >> the chancellor is adamant that correct reforms are being put into place to boost employment and growth, but she cautions that those measures need time. >> everyone knows it will take longer than 12 or 18 months. it is very important now that we have the patience to allow the reforms to take effect, not just to turn around half way and say it is all going nowhere. and merkel's speech was an appeal to investors trust, but also an answer to those who in recent days have been pushing germany to put even more money into the eurozone's permanent rescue fund.
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>> in the u.s., the federal reserve eases interest rates are likely to stay low for years. forecasts on rates is a historic first for the u.s. that as part of an attempt to increase transparency. the fed now says it has an official inflation target of about 2% and that its benchmark interest rate is likely to stay close to zero through late 2014. it hopes that keeping the rate low will kickstart spending and growth for the u.s. economy. boeing is out with solid fourth quarter earnings. the u.s. aerospace giants as profit increased by 20%, driven in part by deliveries of commercial airplanes, but the future does not look as bright. the company doesn't forecast for this year's earnings disappointed investors. boeing faces rising pension costs and weaker spending on u.s. defense. the mood in german boardrooms may be more optimistic. a key barometer of business confidence in germany has gone up for the third month in a row,
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and it has also risen higher than expected. it says the german economy has started the year on a positive note. >> the machines are running full throttle. business is looking good, and the forecast for the months ahead is even better. german companies entered the new year in good spirits. the mood is not as positive as it was a year ago, but the business climate index rose for the third month in a row. it is a number based on a survey of 7000 business leaders in germany, making it a key barometer of the economy. things are also looking up in the construction industry, but those in the wholesale and retail sectors are less optimistic. consumers are spending less now that the holidays are over. retailers also have low expectations when it comes to the months ahead. >> despite that optimism, european stocks were little changed on wednesday. our correspondent has more from
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frankfurt. >> investors had plenty of reasons to be happy. there were several surprisingly positive pieces of news coming from the economy. but the dax barely made it into positive territory after losing for much of the session. people were a little bit uncertain again over solutions for greece and about the kind of conflict that is being carried out publicly. the chief of the imf saying that the ecb should carry part of the debt breakdown itself, which the ecb is against, and also, chancellor merkel warning -- do not demand too much of germany. germany's resources are also not unlimited. >> let's take a closer look at those market numbers. we stick in frankfurt where as we mentioned, the dax was little changed on the day. euro stocks 50 was down in
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negative territory, about 0.5% there. in new york, trading still under way on the dow jones industrial average, and it is gaining. the euro trading for $1.374. germany known as a major exporter, but for the first time in three decades, the country has reported that it imported more than it exported last year. in other words, it has a trade deficit. what makes it even more dramatic is that japan managed to run a surplus right through the two biggest financial shocks -- the asian financial crisis and the lehman brothers collapse. >> these japanese cars are bound for europe, does not as many as before. the country is also shipping of your machines and electronic devices compared to years past. japan exported less overall in 2011, a 2.7% drop over the
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previous year. and japan purchased more from abroad, pushing imports up by 12%. a number of factors were damaged in the earthquake and tsunami that hit japan early last year, and that hampered exports. since most of the country's nuclear power plants have been shut down since then, japan had to import more crude oil and other raw materials. strong yen and economic troubles in the u.s. and europe have hurt investment in japanese products. >> we need to nurture new industries through regulatory reforms and comprehensively promote policies that will strengthen our growth potential. >> efforts to modernize production centers and invest in new technologies will play a big role in making that happen. >> a day after delivering his state of the union address, president barack obama is out on the road, pushing his election- year economic message. obama told factory workers in the midwestern state of iowa
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that manufacturing was key to restoring the country's economic strength. he also called for tax reforms to encourage businesses to bring back jobs from overseas. the three-day tour is scheduled to take into five states crucial for his nov. reelection bid. more election news now. russian billionaire mikhail prokorov has registered, the only candidate to challenge prime minister vladimir putin. the only other candidates are better and party leaders who pose little threat. putin is under heavy pressure to prove he can win a fair election and avoid the type of protests sparked by ballot rigging in december's vote. >> the run for president is over before it began. russia's electoral commission says these computer analyses show many of his supporters signatures are invalid. the commission is kicking him
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out of the race. >> i believe the electoral commission's decision is political. i deeply regret that this decision will lead to enormous restrictions for russians during this presidential election. >> candidates need to million signatures to run for president, since their parties do not have seats in parliament. so far, authorities have raised no objection to the candidacy of multibillionaire mikhail prokorov. many say he is the kremlin's puppet, but the businessman says his candidacy is serious. >> i am for competition in politics, our economy, and society. >> the only hope is to take the case to court, but his chances are slim. for him and many opposition supporters, russia's presidential elections seem little more than a farce.
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>> u.s. special forces have freed two aid workers in somalia who had been held captive for three months. american officials say a navy seal union carried out the pre- dawn raid to free american jessica buchanan and danish national paul hagen thisted in northern somalia. the two rescue workers who were part of the mine clearing organization were kidnapped in october. the u.s. decided to launch that mission after being informed of buchanan's declining health. it is the unbelievable fall of a handball giant. germany is out of the european handball championships after a very narrow defeat to poland. in a tight game, poland won by 33 goals to 32. >> the german players were in shock at the end of the game. the ft also means germany may now miss out on this summer's olympic games. germany struggled to get into
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the game and break down the polish defense. poland always had the upper hand and went into the break 18-17 in the league. it was more of the same in the second half with poland exploiting witnesses in the german defense. with poland leading by four goals, the coach called on his team to get forward, and five minutes before the end, germany went in front. but poland struck back and got the winner in the final seconds. despite winning the game, poland will miss out on the semifinal but can still dream of reaching the olympics. >> a powerful solar flare has set off a very impressive display of the northern lights in parts of europe. this footage was taken in norway, but the lights are being seen much farther south in parts
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of scotland and even ireland at night. astronomers say they expect the light show to be visible for the next few days. that is incredible. i will be right back with the latest from egypt on that revolution, which is continuing. stay with us.
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>> welcome back. egypt has been marking the first anniversary of the revolution that toppled the regime of hosni mubarak. he did this the largest and most powerful nation to have been swept up in the era of spring. when the revolution started, it was far from clear how it would unfold. many of the protesters who gathered for demonstrations on cairo's tahrir square risk their lives, and hundreds were killed, but ultimately, they did succeed in bringing about the beginnings, at least, of political change. we start our "in depth" look at
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the revolution and chronicle the developments of the past year. then a january 25, 2011, the day of rage. dissidents post calls for protests on the internet. hundreds of thousands of egyptians flood tahrir square every day, demanding that president hosni mubarak step down. the police stage brutal crackdown on demonstrators, using tear gas and rubber bullets, and there are casualties. february 2 -- mubarak's show of force failed to quell demonstrations. then comes the key turning point. the army opts to side with keep protesters. february 11 -- after 18 days of bitter street battles, the egyptian vice president announces resignation and says the military council will assume power. the news is met with mass celebrations on tahrir square, but the protests continue over the summer.
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many egyptians do not trust the country's interim leaders. november 19 -- the situation escalates when the military council tries to pass a lot to increase its powers. more deaths are reported on the streets. people from the islamist left and campus protests side-by- side. over 28 -- egyptians cast their ballots in the first round of parliamentary elections, but demonstrations continue on tahrir square. for many, the revolution is not over yet. >> but the political progress over the past year has been less than impressive. a new parliament has been elected. plans are in place to draw up a new constitution, and a presidential election is to be held within the next few months. but for the moment, at least, the reins of power are still very much in the handsry rulersf the old mubarak regime, and that are at the head of the state apparatus that continues to use repressive and brutal tactics against those who would
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challenge it. not surprisingly, some of those who are protesting -- who were protesting a year ago continue to struggle for real change. >> this artist and internet activists and this fashion designer and feminist both took part in the tahrir square protests that led to the fall of mubarak. >> we are still under the same system who refused to respect the rights of the people. >> in 2006, it began campaigning against the regime the of the internet. he made films criticizing the government, using a pseudonym to avoid detection by the secret police. since the revolution, he has used his real name. this video is a call to demonstrate on january 25 where it all started -- on tahrir square.
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>> they said that they would do this and that. they did not. actually, they did the very opposite. all the boat the year. now, we are -- all throughout the year. now, we are addressing the real problem. egypt is a military dictatorship, and it has been so for the past six years. >> the demonstrated together for the rights of women. some women were brutally beaten by police at the demonstration, arrested, and humiliated. >> it is not because we are women. it is because we are people asking for our rights. of course, it is different when you deal with a woman, how to
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make her fear or afraid. >> people across egypt turned in on january 23 to watch the new parliament being sworn in. the majority of seats went to the islamist parties, but she and her sister are not afraid of and islamization of egypt. they say a fight will continue. bamut egypt will not settle down at all. at all. the people on the street will not stop demonstrating, will not stop asking for more freedom. >> the most important thing is that people finally woke up and took action to overthrow the regime. >> it is not a matter of optimism. i think that even the responses on this wall here -- it says "patience is beautiful." >> they have not yet reached the
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place they want egypt to be. the revolution is not yet over. on the anniversary of the day of rage, they will be back on tahrir square. >> one area where change is desperately needed is the economy. under the old system, generals kept a very tight grip on entire sectors of the economy. today, that is still the case, and outsiders have little chance of access. on top of that, tourists and foreign investors are staying away. before the revolution, poverty was a topic that received little attention in the state- controlled media. now, egyptians are using the medium of television to help each other it through the difficult economic times. >> it is just a few minutes to show time, and the team behind egyptian cooking show is getting things ready. a cooking show is airing on 25 tv, a station founded after the revolution. the crew in the control room makes the final arrangements. the cooking show is not about impressing guests with the best
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meals. instead, it is about learning to cook well on a tight budget. she is from a poor neighborhood of cairo. the studio set resembles the kitchen she has at home. >> this program appeals to 90% of the population. to cook for 10 people, women often have less than the equivalent of three year rose at their disposal. we show them how to cope with the smallest means. >> she is shocked to learn that the ingredients to put on a dinner for six people in germany can cost up to 100 euros. she says that could feed an entire street in cairo. the revolution symbolizes a new freedom to me. before the revolution, i would not have been on tv. i am a woman from a poor background, like many other egyptian women.
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i represent all of these women in the studio. this is what most egyptian kitchens look like. after the revolution, it is there for all to see, and we can also express our opinions openly. poor neighborhoods make up about half of the capital city, raising the standard of living for the people there is one of the major challenges the new egypt faces. >> property was not shown by mubarak's media. no one saw it, and we were not allowed to film in four areas. no one is scared or ashamed of being poor and showing it. her message is, "i am poor, but i try to make the best of it." >> sees treated as a celebrity when she goes to the market. she says her fans might lack formal education, but that our biggest critics and tell her what they like and do not like.
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she invites fans into the studio. they bake cookies together and have a good time, and that makes for good tv. >> it does indeed. thanks for joining us for our look at the egyptian revolution one year on. captioned by the national captioning institute y1
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